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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos from the web, "right this minute." a big rig pulls in for a pit stop. seconds later -- >> watch what happens. >> the e-ruppion that took a gas station to its core. >> what is that a picture of? >> i can't ll. >> who kids are perplexed by some photos so -- >> mom and dad has to say what this means. the surprise that's a family affair. an accused plant thief is caught on camera but -- >> police didn't even to get involved. >> see how social media may have solved the crime. plus, how to win a new ipad
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mini. and go along on a jogger's run. >> this girl has mounted a gopro on her head. >> see the video that spawned a million theories. >> she's trying to test the support of certain sports bras. >> i can tell you no, that's not the case. >> it's not supporting much. you guys are not going to believe your eyes when you see what this dash cam captured. truck driving down the roadway, sees a gas station, pulls off the highway and pulls into this gas station. but seconds after this truck stopped its engines, watch what happens. >> whoa. >> what? >> what just happened. >> the gas station erupted in a tremendous explosion blowing debris everywhere, knocking people down. you see these people just in shock, stunned, other people climbing out of the rubble. the other person over to the
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right there holding their head and climbing out of the rubble and then other people, other victims, begin to get out of the way and walk into the view of this dash cammer. this all happened in kiev region of ukraine. when this first happened there was speculation this could have been a terrorist attack but that has since been disproved. this is believed to be an accidental explosion of gasoline. earlier witnesses said they smelled gasoline, they weren't quite sure and then this explosion happened. six people were killed ins this explosion. >> wow. >> six others injured. but when you see that explosion and then you see some of the other aftermath videos, it's devastating. here's a video that was taken seconds after the explosion from another witness. you can see the black smoke and flames up in the air. >> the first video is sort of the outskirts of where the debris went to. imagine what's behind this guy. >> it basically destroyed the entire management office and convenient store of this gas station. you can tell it's a rather large filling station.
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>> well, it's interesting that you said some people smelled gas. when you go to a gas station it wouldn't be that unusual unless it was particularly strong. >> yeah. if you can notice, yeah, there seems to be an issue there. i can't imagine what these people must have thought when that first explosion happened. another example of the supreme power of social media. paul he mu posted video of this lady. she comes up to the door where there's all these beautiful plants. after she realizes nobody is going to answer the door, home girl takes off with this planter. >> where do people get the audacity to do something like that. >> check this out. more than 21,000 shares. guess what, paul since posted a second video and look who showed up again. >> no way! >> the same lady. >> same lady. >> but wait. >> she's bringing it back.
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>> well i'm glad she did the right thing. >> i wonder if she saw the post going viral about herself or just had the common sense and presence of mind, the guilt to return it herself. >> one or the other but i would bet on the 21,000 shares of the video going around. >> this is public shaming. the police didn't have to get involved. you got the plant back and this woman was publicly humiliated. >> paul writes thank you to everyone who shared our efforts and shared these points. she decided to return our property with a little more ealt than the last visit. from oneanother, the sarasota police department is looking for this woman. walking around what looks like a beautiful home. this is not her home. the homeowner got an alert from his home security system. went on to find that this lady here visited the home twice. to me, it doesn't look like she stole anything. nothing from the sarasota police
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that says she stole anything. comes back again, goes upstairs, but the weirdest part, watch when she comes down. >> she waves at the camera. >> she waves at the camera. >> that's curious. >> right. your guess is as good as mine with this one. >> it's weird to be a homeowner and see somebody walking around your house not knowing if she was taking stuff or why she was there. that creepy feeling. >> police asking anyone for information to call in and see if they can figure out what's going on here. these types of videos are always incredibly scary to see when there's a motorcyclist going incredibly fast on the road weaving through traffic. >> you can't predict what other people are going to do. >> revs up the engine. is going incredibly fast. does a wheelie. >> yeah. >> starts going through traffic. car after car. watch this. >> oh. >> we're not surprised. >> in a split second you see
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that motorcyclist has crashed and it is really bad. >> it looks like he's going to blast off here. she's flying through these cars. the cars are whizzing by like warp speed and it's hard to tell what happened. somebody could be switching lanes. >> that's exactly what happened. >> that's not the driver's fault because you know, you're not expecting somebody to come flying up next to you like that. >> the impact was so strong it basically mangled the motorcycle but also sent the camera flying off and we fast forward a little more, it looks like someone repositions the camera and we can actually see exactly what the damage is. check this out. you see here the motorcycle and debris all over the place. you see the casing to the gopro camera on the ground. and also the rider is on the ground. looks to be conscious. but is obviously injured. >> doesn't look good. that's for sure. >> people do come to this person's aid. there's no word on what happened afterwards. but again, kind of saw it coming.
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hey, everybody. it's the hump day ipad mini giveaway. >> to enter you're going to need the buzzword and a twitter account. if you don't have one don't worry super easy to create one. >> the buzzword is coming up you have to be 18 years and older to enter and must be a u.s. resident. >> we're giving away another ipad mini in just a bit. stay tuned. traveling is a group of filmmakers and skateboarders going around the world skateboarding in different places but this to me was incredible. they put together recently the persian version and here they go skateboarding by invitation in iran and then also end up in georgia and turkey. what's amazing you get to see parts of iran that you normally don't see. ♪ >> never been to this part of the world to go skating and they say they were invited by a guy who makes skateboards in iran.
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this is the guy engineer and the skateboarder that invited them over. he's the only guy that makes skateboards in iran. >> everything ended up working out with our visas or so we thought. >> they said it wasn't that easy to get into the country because they had a handler go with them everywhere. the older gentleman is their handler, handling the skateboarders. and certain guys like the americans weren't able to skate in certain places while other people who were traveling, from canada and other countries, were allowed to. >> imagine seeing skateboarding for the first time in an urban setting like this. >> now to au djerba jan and georgia. besides the travel they got to skate in some pretty spectacular places. this is my favorite part here. look at the tall sculptures they're skating around. what an interesting trip they had.
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. the lives of these two cuties you see in this video about to change forever. about to be flip turned. you're about to find out whyp. >> are you ready? >> yeah. >> first of all mom and dad give them this egg. probably around easter time. give them an egg clue. it's a clue. >> what is that? >> what is that a picture of? >> i can't tell. >> yeah. >> is it a baby? >> i don't quite get what this means. looking at her brother saying, like -- >> it's a baby. >> it's a baby in a mommy's tummy. >> and who is it? >> look. >> they can't figure out on their own so mom and dad have to kind of say what this means. >> mommy's going to have a baby. you guys are going to have either another brother or sister.
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>> you're having a baby in your tummy right now? >> yeah. >> she has a baby in her tummy. mommy has a baby in her tummy right now. >> they are just through the roof excited about this. >> so cute. >> this video was posted by jacob. he is a pastor in parker, colorado, at thrive church. i like this moment here where the son and daughter confirm with mom's belly, they have to see mom's belly for sure. >> there's a big old tummy in there. >> how nice is that? this prank was expertly executed because what you have is a guy working with a pressure cooker, a pressure cooker if you've ever worked with one before, it is a very, very hot pot that puts food under pressure and it starts to shake and you don't want to open it
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too early because disaster can happen. well, what would happen if somebody's working with a pressure cooker and somehow they just let off a firecracker. >> that was no small firecracker. that was like an m-80. sounded like the building was coming down. >> he said they didn't expect it to be that loud, but this was the guy's first time with a pressure cooker. you hear that sound and you think oh, no, what have i done? he takes a dive, falls to the floor and runs out of the building. >> he was like horizontal at one point three feet off the ground. >> that scared. >> never going back in that room again after that. >> got a lot on my plate. >> trying to keep up with schoolwork. it's important. >> target audience for this particular product you're about to learn looks like college.
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the college crowd, right? >> i'm in a committed relationship. or two. you know, with all my responsibilities the last thing i need to worry about is a bad taste in my mouth. so, after i, i chase with chaser trips. >> what is it? >> like a listerine trip, put it in your mouth before you take a drink or shot of some kind of alcohol and it's supposed to flavor the aftertaste so you don't get that strong alcohol zing that you get at the end. >> invest in binaca and you're done. >> it's not a breath freshener. >> disguises the flavor of the alcohol. now you don't have to order the chaser. >> college age, they're to the getting top shelf like johnny walker blue label that's like $147 a bottle.
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that you wouldn't do a chase. >> that's a good point. if you're doing vladimir vodka or gin, maybe you need a taster strip. >> using technology and magic to freak people out no it's funny to watch people go okay. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- >> i did it. >> a parade of lamborghinis shows up for a birthday surprise. >> jacob loses his mind because he is about to get a ride in his dream car and he's only 7! >> the story behind the ultimate joy ride. >> plus, girl checks her form with a gopro. >> i think it's kind of comical. >> see why her run is getting major results. >> this is going to get millions of views. >> we've got the wednesday buzzword if you want a chance to win an ipad mini. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event
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many 7-year-old little boys out there dream, have posters on their wall of the lamborghini. all those super cars that just dazzle the mind of a little boy. so this is jacob stern. it's his 7th birthday. his dad sent a message to lamb bore guinea of north los angeles saying my kid dreams of lamborghinis do you think you could help us out a little bit? lamborghini of north los angeles reached out to their lamborghini owners, all the owners came together and showed up to jacob's party. all driving their lamb bore beginry ins. jacob loses his mind because he is about to get a ride in his dream car and he's only 7! hp. >> go for a ride? >> look at the scissor door open. jacob climbs in and gets to go for a ride. how cool is that? for the lamborghini dealership to say we got you covered and then some. >> this is so much better than a
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pony. >> right. >> you know? or a crown that does balloon animals. >> all the folks show up with their personal cars and do a parade lap around the neighborhood. jacob just beaming. got a little gift bag. >> wow. this was never my dream. i'll admit. but this is awesome. >> let me tell you, it's still my dream. >> yeah. >> super cool of the lamborghini owners out there in the world. >> see you later! at first some people might react to this video with a frown like oh, boy. but i actually think it's kind of comical. so this girl has mounted a gopro on her head and very strategically pointed it down on to her breasts. yes. boys, she is about to go on a little run. >> hold on, though. maybe this is like a scientific
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experiment, trying to test the support of certain sports bras. >> i can tell you no. >> okay. >> that's not the case. >> because it's not supporting much. >> is it also possible -- i'm just trying to go through scenarios. she was trying to film her run and didn't realize how her camera was angled? >> very nice theory, buts no. >> no? >> this is actually blogger seline von ness and she writes about sex, theater, video games and technology. another one where she is, you know, playing with a gameboy. >> what game is she playing? >> doesn't matter. >> exactly. >> wonder if this is her social experiment to say if i put a video out with boobs how many hits will it get. >> this will get millions of views. >> she is using that gratuitously to get extra viewers.
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it's about that time. we're giving away another ipad mini. >> you need a twitter account. it's easy to create one when you enter. >> head over to and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter the wednesday buzzword. >> so let's reveal wednesday's buzzword. >> it's cup cake. >> get over to and click on a win an ipad mini and enter the buzzword cup cake, that's cupca-u-p-c-a-k---u---p---c--- e c---u---p---c---a---k---e. >> if you don't win one today we're giving another one tomorrow. >> don't forget to follow us on twitter. >> one unsuspected people saw this lurking nearby. >> they totally free out. >> it's a crocodile. >> i can see the fear in people. >> why it's fun and games until the toy gator lands them in hot
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they will not be kept there. they nurture and grow and release them back into the wild. >> this is perhaps one of my favorite pranks. put together by the guys over at the pranks youtube channel. it's pretty clever. it's innocent and funny. >> crocodile. >> crocodile. >> yes. it really is, drop this now. >> yes. there's an alligator in the water at this what looks to be a pond. >> the kids notice it first. that's what funny to hear the kids go, look, there's a crocodile. >> and the mom goes, there is one, let's get out of here. >> my remote control boat and
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alligator and put the woegtwo together. >> people see the alligator in the water and totally freak out. >> crocodile. >> this is like, wow, there it is. >> what's funny he is wearing crocs. and then soon enough some people thought it was real because they called the police and police came. >> people complain i got to come out. >> they also play with the cops that show up. >> we were hoping for animal contr control. >> i mean, if you're that close, does it look that real? >> it doesn't matter. it's the power of suggestion again, right? >> your first instinct is not that this is a toy boat with an alligator head on it. >> looks like other wildlife like the duck were kind of running away. >> so obviously they ended up pulling the alligator out of the water, no big deal. doesn't look like it got arrested. it's having a little fun.
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>> that's it for "rtm." we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman we have great videos and the stories behind them, "right this minute." a nature lover wants a picture with the wild but -- >> the grass was like no photos, bro. >> the wild chase that leads to a frantic call for help. >> the video is called insensual. >> that's what you call your wife's lover. >> the story behind the run of shame. >> crowd surfing is only part of steven's story because --


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